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Target Toss

Target Toss

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Target Toss is an inflatable target game perfect for practising accuracy and skill when throwing. Included with this game is a smart cotton carry bag allowing the compact game to be packed away as well as allowing it to be carried to any location. The Big Game Hunters branded game consists of a large inflatable target covered in various sticky fabric patches, each one with a number. Three coloured tennis style balls are designed to be thrown at the target, where they will stick to the fabric patches and score points
A really compact little game which can easily be blown up and deflated - perfect for travelling.

Suitable for 2+ players, age 3+
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Key Benefits:

Quick and easy to set up and play

Can be played inside or out

Ideal for a wide range of ages and abilities

Packs neatly into the storage box with carry handle meaning this can be taken to any location