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Candy CS1492DW4/1-80 9kg 1400rpm Washing Machine White

Candy CS1492DW4/1-80 9kg 1400rpm Washing Machine White

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Make sure your clothes get premium care with the Candy CS1492DE NFC 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine. Take the advantage of the Candy SimplyFi app and enjoy remote control of your laundry from your smartphone. Along with the large washing capacity, the CS1492DE comes with rapid cycles and delay start giving you the great flexibility in the days when you're in a hurry. The selection of multiple programs lets you adjust the spin and temperature based on the fabrics you wash. The KG mode will automatically weigh the contents of your washing and set the right time and power for your load. This means you never really have to do any of the hard work - the machine will sort it for you.

Smart Smartness is the way. Candy believes in the importance of enjoying life, that’s why the new range of washing machines is made to wash your garments easily and smartly, simplifying your day. So that you can have more time for you and for what you love most. Let Candy help your day by day laundry tasks, the results will be simply amazing. Green light to comfort and ease of use: no more waste of time, energy, money or efforts. With the new larger porthole you won’t need to stress your back to load your laundry. Candy Smart washing machines are also connected appliances: get benefits from the NFC* connectivity. *only compatible with Android smartphones equipped with NFC technology.

Thanks to My Statistics you can control your most frequently used programs and learn how to optimize your washing habits.
This washing machine in D class, in compliance with the New Energy Label and comparing with the G class, reduces consumption for at least 24%, saving energy, money and protecting the environment.
Smart Cycles function allows you to download the best cycle for your lifestyle and provides additional programs to find the best cycle to take care of your clothes.
The Smart check-up function provides a simplified management for longer efficiency. It tells you about the conditions of your appliance by monitoring the health status. In case of error or malfunctioning, the smart guide helps you to identify the solution by yourself.
Candy washing machines come with Smart Touch connected technology. Depending on the product, it can enrich it with additional functions, give you useful tips to improve your experience with your appliance and guide you through troubleshooting, directly from your smartphone. * Interaction only possible with Android smartphones equipped with NFC technology.
Our machines minimise the amount of electricity used, reducing waste. The sensitive weight sensors detect the size of the load and automatically adjust the amount of water and electricity used. With our machines, a half-load can require up to 70% less water, time and electricity!
The best combination of time and performance. candy washing machines allow you to choose between no fewer than four cycles that are less than an hour long yet 100% effective.
With a delay start the laundry will be ready just when you want it. It allows you to programme the start of the washing cycle with a maximum delay of 24 hours. No more worries of unpleasant odours created by wet laundry that has been left inside the machine.
When using the Simply-Fi App you have access to numerous Hints and Tips on how best to wash your garments. It will also advise the best programmes to use to help you save time and money whilst getting perfectly clean laundry.
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Height: 85 cm

Width: 60 cm

Depth: 52 cm

Weight: 65 Kg

Colour: White

Energy Rating: D

Spin Speed: 1400

Wash Load: 9kg