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150cm SleepSoul Space 3000 Pocket Mattress - King

150cm SleepSoul Space 3000 Pocket Mattress - King

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The SleepSoul Space 3000 mattress invites you into a world where luxury meets unparalleled support. Designed for those who demand the best in sleep technology and materials, this mattress offers a celestial sleeping experience night after night. At the pinnacle of comfort, the Space 3000 features a cashmere knitted top fabric, soft to the touch and luxurious in feel, providing an initial layer of plush comfort that is both breathable and soothing. Beneath this exquisite fabric, a series of foam layers work in harmony to create a supportive yet comfortable sleeping environment. A 3cm layer of high-density foam offers a responsive surface that adjusts to your movements, followed by 3cm of memory foam that contours to your body, alleviating pressure points and enhancing sleep quality. An additional 2cm layer of foam provides extra cushioning, ensuring a perfect balance between firm support and a soft, inviting feel. At its core, 1000 pocket springs are meticulously arranged to provide targeted support across the entire mattress alongside 2000 mini springs. This high count of pocket springs ensures that each part of your body is supported independently, reducing motion transfer and allowing for a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. The Space 3000 mattress is vacuum sealed and packed into a box for freshness and convenience. Just release from the box, remove the inner plastic wrap and, like magic, your new mattress will begin to take shape. In 2 hours, it will be good; in 24 hours, it will be great. Each SleepSoul pocket-sprung hybrid mattress comes with a 10-year warranty as standard. Enjoy a decade of great sleep.

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Further information

Height: 36 cm

Width: 150 cm

Depth: 200 cm

Weight: 52 Kg

Colour: White

Material: Fabric

  • Provides complete support from head to toe.
  • 3cm layer of high-density foam followed by 3cm of memory foam
  • 1000 pocket springs alongside 2000 mini springs